Below are links to some articles I’ve published online and in national magazines. They cover yoga, women’s health, environmental justice, and progressive issues.

In These Times: Trump’s Celtic Cabal: A St. Patrick’s Day Rant

Natural Resources Defense Council: The Nontoxic Kitchen

Ms: Seeing Red

Real Simple: Preventing Breast Cancer, Part One

Real Simple: Preventing Breast Cancer, Part Two

Natural Resources Defense Council: The Problem with Perfluoroalkyls

In These Times: Should We Embrace Survivalism?

Natural Resources Defense Council: When the Creepies Come Crawling

In These Times: Is Female Viagra Feminist?

Natural Resources Defense Council: Climate Change and Your Health

Women’s eNews: Boosting Breastfeeding Among Black Women Part 1

Women’s eNews: Boosting Breastfeeding Among Black Women Part 2

Natural Resources Defense Council: Bug-Born Diseases

In These Times: Sea Turtles

Journalism Center on Children & Families: Recovery and Redemption

In These Times: Foam Wasn’t Built in a Day

In These Times: A Benevolent Nemesis

In These Times: Up The River/The West Virginia Chemical Spill

Consumers Digest: ADHD

In These Times: Detroit Goes Broke

Yoga Journal: The Best Way to Build Bones

Women’s eNews: Stop Fracking This Country

Woman’s Day: How One Family Lost 180 Pounds

Women’s eNews: Pollution & the Developing World

In These Times: St. Patrick’s Day Shamrock Survival Guide

Women’s eNews: Is “Reproductive Justice” the new “Choice”?

Women’s eNews: None Too Pretty—Toxins in Makeup

IRIN/the United Nations: Infant Formula in the Developing World

IRIN/the United Nations: Urban Water Woes

In These Times: Saving America’s Most Beloved Butterfly

Woman’s Day: The Power of Two

IRIN/the United Nations: Sexual Network Mapping

Women’s eNews: Flame Retardant Studies Flag Dangers

Women’s eNews: Strong Medicine, Toxic Policies

Utne Reader and Ms: Military Women/ All Guts, No Glory

Consumers Digest: Medical Breakthroughs

The Nation: Milked/Infant Formula and WIC

On the Issues: Women and Yoga

Yoga Journal: Laughter and Practice

Yoga Journal: Volunteering

Ms: Catholic Hospitals—Treatment Denied

PBS: Stuttering—It Lurks In DNA

Consumers Digest: The Truth About Childhood Vaccines

Women’s eNews: Cyberstalking Turns Web Technologies into Weapons

Ms: Contraceptive Use is the Norm Among Religious Women

Consumers Digest: Why Doctors Push C-Sections

Women’s eNews: Abortion Doulas Offer Comfort and Care

On the Issues: Environmental Pollution and the Everglades

Woman’s Day: Sex and Stress

Yoga Journal: Home Sweet Om

Yoga Journal: Yoga for Better Sleep

Yoga Journal: Teaching Parent-Baby Yoga Classes

Tweens and Eating Disorders

Women’s eNews: Cancer’s Link to Pollution

Women’s eNews: New Emergency Contraception Faces Anti-Choice Pressure

Yoga Journal: In Loving Service

Yoga Journal: Yoga for At-Risk Populations

Yoga Journal: Secrets of Sanskrit

Yoga Journal: Something Borrowed

Yoga Journal: Secrets of Successful Subbing

Yoga Journal: Licensed to Teach

The Nation/Women’s eNews: Gender Discrimination in Mortgage Lending

On the Issues: West Harlem Environmental Action

RH Reality Check: HIV Crosses the Gender Divide

Woman’s Day: Seven Sexual Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore

Women’s eNews: Tea Pickers’ Daughters Reap Gains in Indian State

NCJW Journal: Child Trafficking in the United States

NCJW Journal: Finance and Violence

LWT: Yes, Laughter Is the Best Medicine

Women’s eNews: African-American Women and Breastfeeding

National Center on Domestic and Sexual Violence: Skydiving to Raise Funds for Anti-Rape Initiatives

Women’s eNews: Pollution and the Growing Body Burden in Humans

Women’s eNews: Earthworms on Prozac and How Pollution Afflicts Wildlife

Women’s eNews: U.S. Naval Bombings Threaten Lives, Health in Puerto Rico Sex Tourism in Thailand

Women’s eNews: Health Disparities and Race

NCJW Journal: The Problem with Abstinence-Only Sex Education