Molly M. Ginty ( is a freelance writer, Thai bodyworker, and yoga instructor based in New York City. An award-winning health reporter, she holds a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University; has written for Ms., Utne Reader, Marie Claire, On Earth, On the Issues, Planned Parenthood, Whole Living,, and Women’s eNews; and contributed to the 2015 gender-studies textbook Women’s Voices, Feminist Visions. Molly also writes for Yoga Journal; teaches yoga to prison inmates; and is working on a book about the unexpected magic that yoga can bring to people’s lives. An avid runner and sometime photographer, she loves dancing in the kitchen to Cuban and bhangra music while cooking (exuberantly and yes messily) for friends. When Molly isn’t rambling around the globe on assignment, she lives in Harlem with a silver cat named Tijuana Moonshine, a beta fish named Countess Markievicz, a weathered violin called Wolfgang, and an assortment of seashells and curious plants.


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